All Types of Extra-Curriculars An International School Can Offer


It’s not a secret—international schools can be expensive. However, the money paid towards these schools doesn’t just go to academics. Usually, schools will offer much more than beyond the curriculum. International schools understand that students need more than academics to become happy and healthy individuals in life. If a student just persists in academics, this can create an unbalanced learner. Childhood and adolescence are the times that students should explore, create, and try new things. Healthy risks are a great way to create a life-long learner.

After School Tutoring Programs

Many different international schools will offer programs that students can engage in after school, once the academic day has finished. Places like Niva American International School will offer group tutoring or even one-on-one support. While these may cost extra money on top of tuition, this is to help your child excel at their own pace, without the added stress of classwork or homework. These classes can range from academic help on subjects in school, or even extra help towards students that play instruments or want to learn another language.


ECAs, also known as “extra-curricular activities”, can be a free bonus from the school, or a small fee. Similar to after-school programs, ECAs differ in that they are usually a bit more creative. Sometimes ECAs are put on by the teachers at the school, and sometimes outside professionals are hired for a few days a week. Teachers that run ECAs may do something related to their class, or even just a personal interest that they want to share with students. Some unique ECAs are:

  • Graphic design and movie production
  • Karate for all ages
  • Vocals and singing club
  • Nail fashion and manicures

Each ECA will vary by school, so it’s good to ask what kinds of programs might be offered.

Sports Clubs or Teams

Some ECAs may offer sports, but clubs and teams are run a bit differently. For starters, anyone can sign up for an ECA and be accepted. Clubs or teams will often require a trial practice of some sort. Not all students will make a club. This is usually because clubs will only allow a certain number of students, so if more students sign up, they must compete for a spot on the team. In addition, clubs and teams may require extra time for school tournaments, such as Saturdays and Sundays.

All international schools will provide different offers, so be sure to speak to the school about extra-curricular involvement for your child.

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