Enhance Diverse Skills of Kids with Subscription Boxes


For the little ones who must have probably by now got bored due to pandemic lockdown, it is good to offer them something they can get entertained and learn from. Most parents run out of such options but subscription boxes for kids in such a situation can be a lifesaver. Designed and offered by different brands, such an option is known for the regular stimuli that ensure the baby stays happy all time. It is one of the reliable choices that parents can buy to keep their kids engaged especially when they must work from home.

The concept of Activity Boxes:

This is a monthly subscription box that includes different activities in which kids can get engaged for a long time. It encourages better childhood development in many ways. Subscription boxes for kids are designed with the help of child psychologists and experts. Every year, such boxes come with different themes and thus meet the need of different areas of development for the kids. Those who want to give their kids a learning experience but their time for work matters the most equally can consider such an option to be purchased.

The benefit of Activity Boxes for Different Age Group Children

The benefits of such boxes for kids of different age groups are discussed below:

  1. 2 to 3 Years:

There is a different design for a box for kids of this age. It focuses on the overall growth of the skills and some basic habits development that a toddler requires. Every activity box consists of nearly 3 to 5 activities which are based on themes like animals, plants, transport to name some. Its primary purpose is to engage kids in learning in a much more fun manner.

  1. 3 to 4 Years

Learning can never be fun for kids if this box is not introduced to them in this age span. This box consists of some fun play philosophy-based activities that can be a great learning experience for them. It is designed especially for preschoolers. There are different themes made from routine living such as gardening, market, bird watching. The kids would be entertained for a long time that too in a much productive manner.

  1. 4 to 5 Years

For kids to be more engaged in craft activities will love the subscription boxes designed for this age. Such boxes come in different themes like travel, art, math, and science. Its primary purpose is to engage the motor, sensory and cognitive skills of the kid. Kids between 4 to 5 years of age can enjoy playing the role of a carpenter or a tailor. Since learning is crucial for kids of this age, the theme ideally focuses on activities to improve their understanding of how things work in society.


There are more different subscription boxes designed for the kids of 6 to 8 Years that would lay the foundation for what the kid wants to be in the future. Some subscription boxes for kids are also designed for those who have a neurological condition like Dyslexia. Such boxes are efficient since they are designed after careful research and study.

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