Explore how you can improve your child’s Math grades by hiring a tutor


Your child is not scoring good in mathematics, then need not worry as this is a common complaint for most of the parents these days. Math is a tough subject for many students as the numbers confuse them a lot. But need nit have to worry, as math tutor Singapore has introduced many courses that can help your children to grow their skills.

About the math course

  • It is based on ability-based class allocation.
  • Weekly based classes will be held for 2 hours.
  • There will be a small group of students in each class to avoid disturbance, and it will include 8-10 students per class.
  • Personal attention to each student will be given.
  • There will be a constant progress tracking of the student.
  • Call back sessions will be held for the students in every month to focus on the weak topics.

Exam mastery tools

These exam mastery tools have been introduced by the education association of Singapore to help the students in solving the sum faster. In this way, they can acquire more problem-solving techniques in less duration of time and can easily simplify the complicated problems, and avoid all the careless mistakes too.

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