Bangkok, the capital city and cultural center of Thailand, is a huge, sprawling megacity of some 9 million people. The hustle and bustle are legendary. The nightlife is unequaled. Culture and history are everywhere you look.

One thing about living in Bangkok is for sure, you will never be bored!

Bangkok offers accommodation and education for every possible budget. There are new condos being built continuously, offering everything from a basic bed-sit to a luxury penthouse. Schools are also incredibly wide ranging. You can find an international school in Bangkok that represents all the English-speaking countries, and even the majority of the world’s religions.

The Daily Commute in Bangkok – What to Know

The daily commute in Bangkok is infamous. Bangkok is regularly among the most congested cities on earth. There are way too many cars, motorbikes, tuk-tuks, food trucks, dogs and buses for the streets. During rush hour(s) on a Friday it can take literally hours to move 5km across the city center.

Choosing Where to Live in Bangkok 

It is very advisable to live close to work or school, so as to minimize the daily commute. Schools are often built very close to large, high rise condominium blocks, to help families minimize the pain of the daily commute.

Apart from driving, other popular ways to get around the city are:

  • Skytrain – The Bangkok Transportation System, or BTS is used by up to a million people every day and is fast, reliable and relatively cheap. There are two BTS train lines that cover a good part of the city center. Apartment blocks and schools often include the distance to the nearest BTS stop in their marketing campaigns, as being close to a BTS station is considered essential for many people.
  • Motorcycle taxi – the army of ‘mo-cy’ taxis around Bangkok make it possible to get to those hard-to-reach areas that are currently not served by the BTS and other public transport services. They are also often the quickest way to get where you’re going.
  • MRT – the Bangkok metro offers another easy way to travel large distances around the city center. There are 4 MRT lines that serve the city center. It is easy to get to both of Bangkok’s main airports using this service. The MRT is cheap, reliable and always on time.
  • Taxi – don’t bother, unless it’s after 9pm or before 6am.

Even with its infamous traffic, Bangkok is an amazing city that is always ready to surprise you.