Selecting an International School – What Matters Most to Parents


There are plenty of things to consider before sending your child to an international school in Bangkok. You must visit the school and speak to parents and staff to learn more about the institution. As parents, we ask ourselves many questions before choosing a school because we want the best possible education for them. Here are some important points to remember when making a decision about an international school.

Happiness – Your child must be happy in their new environment, if they don’t like the school they are in, they’ll fall behind and learning any new skill will become difficult. Finding a school where your child will be happy is all about matching the school to their unique character. Raintree International School focuses on providing a broad curriculum, so that kids are exposed to all kinds of classes. If your kid excels at languages, why not put them in a school which offers specialist classes? Students who are given the opportunity to explore a wide variety of subjects tend to be happier in their environment.

Quality Teachers – Another important thing you should be looking for is good quality teachers. Finding a school with fantastic teachers is all about research and discussions. You need to talk to parents and teachers, so scheduling a school visit is essential. You’ll immediately get a feel for the school and their employees. You’ll be able to see how they interact with kids and whether this interaction is genuine. In addition to visiting the school and speaking to staff and parents, you should also look for online reviews. You’ll find plenty of recommendations online, so assess this information when deciding.

A trained teacher isn’t always a good teacher, they must have a personality that suits this particular job. A great teacher knows their subject, but also knows how to impart knowledge in a way that their class will listen, whether that be through games, stories or interactive projects.

Curriculum – Each one of us is an individual, that’s why we learn differently. Most parents look for an international school that focuses on a wide range of teaching methods, not just a single form. The school should have programmes which are enjoyable and challenging. The kids should grapple with and understand an assortment of subjects, from maths to science to geography.

Cost – The price of tuition is always something that parents must consider when choosing an international school. At the end of the day, you pay more for quality, more expensive international schools generally have better teachers, but this isn’t always the case. When choosing a school consider the cost, but don’t make it the only factor. Consider other things such as the personal recommendations and quality of teachers.

This article has looked at some of the most important things that parents take into consideration when choosing an international school. Aside from the points mentioned above, you should also think about the facilities, the library, classroom size and the reputation of the school. Knowing a school has been operating successfully for many years gives you peace of mind.

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