Is the stress experienced by teachers only meant for them to parse through? At what point does a teacher wonder whether or not their school is providing adequate resources for their teaching efforts? Without a teacher’s ability to feel confident in their school’s aid, it can be challenging to remain motivated in their work. When schools supply their teachers with the resources to do their jobs effectively, it inevitably reduces the stress they must experience. When there’s less stress, teachers are much more focused on providing the highest level of education and support for their students. This goes beyond a few extra crayons or colored pencils, though. But rather includes support staff, technology, and instructional materials that can enhance a child’s learning journey. One resource that aids in this is a teacher toolbox, a digital collection of standards-based resources organized by grade-level standards. This platform simplifies the search for teaching materials, allowing teachers to better utilize their time. Providing sufficient time for teachers to prepare for classes is extremely important. Often, teachers’ work goes home with them, as does their workday stress. Giving teachers more time to prepare for class and grade assignments allows them to enjoy their free time — and practice self-care — at home. For more information on teacher toolboxes and the ways in which they can contribute to healthier self-care strategies, take some time to review the resource supported alongside this post.

Teacher Self-Care 101

Check out Teacher Self-Care 101, provided by Curriculum Associates; an organization specializing in providing your student a personalized phonics based reading program.