TEFL Program- What Mistakes You Should Avoid While Enrolling In it?


Due to the demand for English teachers rising in foreign countries, TEFL certification is considered eligibility criteria for such teaching jobs. Several countries like china, japan, UAE, and many more have witnessed the demand for a teacher who can teach English in their countries. But to clear their hiring requirements, a person should be TEFL certified. As we know, countries have their own native language, but English is an international language to ease the communication among people for another country. If you have decided to enroll in a TEFL course, below mentioned you should consider mistakes to avoid them.

A TEFL Program Which Does Not Meet Global Standards-

  • If you have made your mind to get TEFL certified, try to do some research work. Try to gain knowledge and details of a course in which you are going to enroll. Ensure that the course you have decided should be accredited, which means it should add value to your resume.
  • Many academies provide TEFL certificates to individuals, but they do not match with International standards. In such a situation, you will fall into trouble and can not be eligible to be a teacher abroad.
  • Check out the program in detail and make sure it meets and matches international standards so that you get eligible to apply in any country of your choice.

TEFL Program With No Teaching Practice-

  • Enrolling in a program that does not provide live teaching practice will waste money, time, and effort. Live teaching practice is needed basically for two reasons which are as follows:
  • First, you will gain experience teaching to those who are non-English speakers. Second, it will improve your teaching skills and also make you feel comfortable around nonnative speakers.
  • In addition, numerous schools and colleges do not consider a TEFL certificate unless you have gone through live teaching practice, which is known with the term practicum.
  • Assumption Of In-Person Course Is Better Than An Online One-
  • Many people assume that online TEFL certification programs are less effective than taking TEFL courses in person. If you also have the same assumption, then I think you might be wrong here.
  • TEFL course should meet international standards either online or in-person; it is all upto a person how he catches and implements the techniques learned in real life. Therefore, the hours of live practice, accreditation, etc., will remain the same either you take a TEFL course in person or through an online medium.

No Assistance For Job Placement-

  • Enrolling in the TEFL program, which does not facilitate a person with job placement, will ultimately be a waste of money and efforts. The best program helps a person how to search for job opportunities. They guide you to the clearing interview process and provide you contact and resources that will ease your job search.
  • They provide contact information of colleges, academies, and schools where a TEFL certified teacher is needed. In this way, you can enroll in the best course, providing you great opportunities for your career growth.

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