Top Tips to Help You Craft a Winning College Admission Application


College admissions may seem ages away but with only months left to go before the next batch of seniors need to start sending off their applications, now is the perfect time to consider what schools you want to go to, what you want to do, and the next steps you want to take in your career.

While it may seem like it is imperative that you apply this year and start your university and further education career by next year, this is not necessarily the case. If taking time off to work, travel, or take a foundation degree or a few select courses or workshops is a better fit for you, do it. College and university should only be applied to when you are one hundred percent positive that it is the right move for you because once you are in that frame of mind, you can get so much value out of your higher education.

Once you have that mindset, use these top tips to help you craft a winning admission application.

Start by Understanding the Requirements and Your Chances

Having better grades and SAT scores than the bare minimum is already a great way to increase your chances of being accepted to a program of your choice. Don’t just work off the admission requirements; see what grades students who are accepted actually have. You can see the real OLE Miss GPA requirements at CampusReel, as well as many other important statistics that can help you understand the average acceptance qualifications as opposed to just the advertised minimum.

By exceeding this average, you immediately improve your application.

Improve Your Digital Presence

In today’s digital world, it is important to assume that anyone looking at your application is going to search your name and try to find you online. They might not even check, but it is always better to be safe than sorry – especially if you are using your following online as one of your strengths and putting that within your application.

Audit your social media, Google your name, close and have any old accounts you don’t use any more deleted, and in general, try to prop up your digital presence. You can do this by entering competitions, writing guest posts, or even managing your own blog.

Understanding Extracurriculars and How to Use Them in Your Application

Extracurriculars don’t have to be within your school. They don’t even need to be the standard set of options. In fact, the more you think out of the box, the more your application will stand out. If you have a sick loved one at home and you routinely provide health and care for them, this can go on your application. If you have a part-time job and have recently been given more responsibilities, this can go on your application. If you manage an online platform and have a big following, this can also go on your application.

All of these can showcase skills, passion, and dedication. All you need is to understand how these activities showcase your passion for the program you have applied for and relay that in your admissions essay.

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